Friday, October 12, 2012

In our town of Halloween...

In the spirit of the season, my friend Hannah invited a few of us to her place this past weekend to carve pumpkins and watch Halloween movies!

Hannah absolutely loves carving pumpkins, and as a result, decided to splurge a bit this year on some pretty neat tools. Whenever I've carved pumpkins in the past, I've always used those somewhat crappy, cheap sets that always break about halfway through. Not Hannah; she had these really nice scoopers that meant that I barely had to touch the gross pumpkin pulp at all (incidentally, that was one of the best parts about having Matt as one of our roommates in college - he would do all the gross pumpkin work and let us decorate it). Hannah also got a hot knife, which is apparently a thing. It's basically just a crafting scalpel that you plug in, but it makes the carving process much easier. Academy Award Winner Sandra Bullock** commented that it was very convenient, because when he inevitably cut himself, it would automatically cauterize the wound. 

Hannah carved out Oogie Boogie from the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Academy Award Winner Sandra Bullock carved the Planet Express logo from Futurama.

I decided to carve out The Monarch from the Venture Bros. He's probably my favorite character on the show.

Now all three...

I had mentioned to Hannah that by carving them so early, they'd all be rotten come Halloween. Hannah pointed out that that was her plan all along, because she wants to have multiple carving nights. Hooray!

WHILE WE CRAFTED: We watched The Little Shop of Horrors and Underworld (well, I may have fallen asleep during Underworld, but that's neither here nor there).

**Actual name has been changed to protect the identity of my friend

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